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Face Cover

Finish your hairstyle without ruining your makeup with our new transparent face mask hairspray. After perfecting your eyeliner wing and meticulously blending your eyeshadow, the last thing you need is a damp, sticky coat of hairspray on your face. The mist makes your mascara run, might make your eyes sting, and can cause redness if you have sensitive skin. Now you can enjoy the benefits of using hairspray without the irritation by using this ingenious Hairspray Mask.


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Features & details

  • NEW SALON FACE SHIELD – Protect the eyes if the hair falls into the eye and does not affect playing with phone during the haircut could help to avoid hair drop into eyes. Most of us put up with the irritation it causes the eyes and nose when we spray it.
  • FACIAL PROTECTION TOOL – Hairspray is often an essential tool when preparing yourself to look your best. Professional hair cutting use for eyes and face protection while grinding or cutting or even when using hairspray, other sprays or perfumes. Suitable for both home and salon use.
  • TRANSPARENT & CONVENIENCE – This is simply a shield that protects the eyes and nose from the Hairspray when it is being applied. Not affect browsing phone during hair cutting, leave no trace. Transparent so you can see while you style.
  • MATERIAL TYPE – It is made from high quality plastic so you can see exactly what you are doing – no more closing your eyes and hoping for the best. 100% brand new and manufactured from the best quality standards.
  • EASY TO APPLY – Can use for everyone, trim your own bangs, children hair cutting and hot hair coloring necessary. Face shield protects clients face and inhalation from hair spray and any other products. Can also be used when applying other sprays or perfumes.


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