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Karseell Collagen Deep Repair Hair Mask

  • ✔ NATURAL INGREDIENTS | Made of high quality ingredients from herbs selected from all over the world. Natural material heals your hair with karseell hair mask.
  • ✔ MOISTURIZE AND NOURISH | Argan oil is rich in vitamin E. It can repair the split ends of the hair, moisten the hair and bring a shiny luster. It’s a great ingredient for moisturizing hair and protecting against UV damage.
  • ✔ DEEP REPAIR | Deliver magic activating energy to damaged hair from roots to ends, deep repair dry and damaged hair fibers and fill in the hair cavities, leaving hair hydrated, orderly, smooth and luster.
  • ✔ PROFESSIONAL USE | Karseell hair mask suitable for family use, travel, hairdressing salon and advanced care. Karseell is committed to making professional hair products.




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