LED 660 PRO – Zee Beauty & Wigs


  • Comes with Charger
    Tripod stand
    2 filter orange/white
  • Adjustable color temperature system, you can easily adjust the color temperature from 3200K to 5600K. brightness range is 1%-100%.
  • Lightweight and durable, weight is about 4lb, no matter you Travel or go on holiday, you can go with it.
  • This Bi-color LED Video Light can be powered by professional camera batteries.
  • This light can be set between 1-48 channel, no interference if the light in different channel. Adjust one of the light power, the power will sync to the other LED light which under the same channel and group.
  • Wireless control-This light can be set between A.B C.D.E.F group, each group can have a lot of lights. To control the lights in the same group, you have to set in the same channel first.
  • Turn off the light power will keep existing setting, turn on the light again in the next time, all the set will be the same.



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